Eucharistic Ministers & Schedule


Our Lord has given us many tools to help us on our journey to our heavenly destination. The Bread of Life and the Cup of Salvation provide us with the spiritual food that feeds our souls and points us in the right direction. The act of being a Eucharistic Minister provides you with the knowledge that you are helping increase the graces within you and within all who you are serving. We are supporting one another in achieving our goal of God's Heavenly Banquet.

Training will be provided if you choose to volunteer for this ministry. You can designate your preferred mass time and switch with others as needs change.  A substitute backup list is also provided as part of our roster. Schedules are prepared at 3 month intervals.

If you would like to join this ministry or for more information, contact the parish office:  (920) 869-2244       

Eucharistic Minister Contact:  Kathy Gorzelanczyk

Eucharistic Minister Schedule April - June 2024

Eucharistic Minister Schedule July - August - September 2024